In 2019, FPL veterans Toby & Gianni (six top 1% finishes in the last seven seasons) wrote a book called Fantasy Premier League: Unlocking The Secrets to A Top 1% Finish.  The aim was to help good players become great players with comprehensive FPL hints and tips. FPL Diary is the continuation of that book.

Each gameweek, a few hours before the deadline, Toby and Gianni will reveal their team with a few words on why they did what they did. Take inspiration. Hell, copy it if you want. But ignore these FPL tips at your peril.


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It has all com down to this. A 13-point lead over Gianni with 1 GW to go. I'm actually very happy with my team – the only thing worrying me is the fact that Gianni has Salah and I don't. I think he's the only player that can kill me. Therefore I have to have him. But the only way to do it is by taking a hit. 

Possibilities I'm mulling are are :


- Trent > Braithwaite and Martial to Salah

- Jimenez to Nketoah and Martial Salah. 


I like the second option more, especially since Gianni doesn't own Jimenez it can't really bite me in the ass. It's done. 

Sterling captain obviously. 

Time for the Gods to smile on me. 




The big day has finally arrived! Feels a little bit like Christmas day morning - I'm super excited. 


The last three weeks has been pretty poor - I've gone from 12k to 40k back down to 25k so a top 10k finish now seems unlikely. I'm balancing my game plan on 50% concentration on overall rank and 50% on beating Toby who's 13 points clear of me. Success in both of these areas is going to be a struggle but the one man I hope can do it is Sterling. I can't afford not to own him knowing he will be toby's captain. 


Bringing Sterling in is easier said than done when you're not willing to compromise KDB, Jesus, Bruno, Salah and Alonso. Somehow I have managed to squeeze Sterling in as a sixth premium player, swapping him out for Foden in what could be a kamikaze move. I've downgraded two good assets to bench fodder too - Pulisic (who could bang) and Doherty meaning I now only have 11 players in my squad that will get minutes this week, best case scenario. High risk, high reward. 


I've also swapped Alonso for Trent so have taken an 8-point hit for the first time ever. I just feel like Trent will be rested. 


I need two things to happen to have a chance of beating Toby:

1) All 11 players to start - Alonso, Salah and Jesus are the three I'm most concerned about.

2) KDB to bang! I think that is who Toby will sell to cover me with Salah. 


It's all or nothing and I'm enjoying it. Captaining Foden last week was refreshing as is my high risk approach this week. Regardless of what happens, I have surprisingly had a really fun few weeks despite my rank drop in the last few weeks. The pressure on a top 10k seemed to ease which allowed me to have more fun with the game. Sometimes we forget that games are meant to be fun and this to me, is the greatest game of them all!  

What a title race we have! There is 3 points in it between Tobes and I and whilst my red arrows continue, this is the week where everything changes. Why? Because I'm going for a rogue captain - I give you Phil Foden ladies and gentleman!


Some will say it's stupid, others will say brave but I'm going with my gut on this one - and the fact my dog says Foden, more on that later. Foden is guaranteed to start against Watford (I think) and has been getting loads of chances in recent weeks. He's due a haul and his opponents (Watford) are dross at the moment. City have an unbelievable record against Watford too with 6-0 and 8-0 victories in their last two. I expect Foden to miss out in the FA Cup so he should be fresh for Wednesday night. 


Elsewhere I am banking my transfer to give me some flexibility for the last gameweek. I was close to swapping DCL for Wood or Nketiah but that would mean starting my newly arrived forward at the expense of Pulisic and Greenwood and I'm not willing to bench either of those guys at the moment. 


My captaincy is a big big call. I often over think captaincy so I've let the dog pick for me this week (see our twitter @FPLdiary). Sharko says Sterling so Sterling it is! It's all or nothing.  



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